Teen Mentor Checklist

A checklist for Teen Mentors to use for their SummerAde participation. Please print.

Teen Mentor Questions for Parents of Campers

These helpful questions are to serve as a general outline when you meet your camper and their parent(s) for the first time. Please print.

SummerAde Q's for TM to CP

Teen Mentor Orientation Videos

2 hour orientation video, where you will learn about special needs children in general, some principles of behavior management and learn about the needs of the campers participating. The special needs children are usually pre-school through 8th graders who may need help throughout their school or camp day.  Many of these children have diagnoses such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Diabetes, Cerebral Palsy, or other genetic conditions.  They may need help knowing where to go, following directions, staying on task, communicating their needs, or being social.

Training Cards

These training cards are to be printed and used at camp with your camper. They are 3 x 5 inch cards. Print 4 to a sheet (2 sided) and cut them out.

SummerAde Training Cards-6


Reference & Reading Material

These are resources for you to access more in depth information about the special needs children you are matched with.  Many of these children have diagnoses such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Diabetes, Cerebral Palsy, or other genetic conditions.  These resources can help you better understand your camper.

Microsoft Word - References and Readings for TMs.docx

How do I apply for SummerAde?

Fill out the attached Teen Mentor Application and submit to us.  Please have your parents read the liability and waiver statement at the bottom of the application, check the box at the end and then click “Submit.”   Most years, we have more teens than campers applying, so APPLY EARLY!


We will ask for all participating families and teens to complete an evaluation at the end of each week at camp. We welcome questions and comments at any time.

SummerAde Teen Mentor Evaluation

SummerAde Camper Parent Evaluation


Donations are welcome at any time!  Thank you!